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Hanover Township
Grivence/Complaint Process Anonymous Submission Form

Employees are encouraged to bring their complaints about work-related situations to the attention of management. Employees will be provided with an opportunity to present their complaints and appeal decisions by management through a formal complaint procedure. All complaints will be resolved fairly and promptly.

A complaint may be defined as an employee's expressed feeling of dissatisfaction concerning conditions of employment or treatment by management, supervisors or other employees. Examples of actions which may be causes of complaints include, but are not limited to:


a. Application of Township policies, practices, rules, regulations and procedures believed to be to the detriment of an employee;

b. Treatment considered unfair by an employee, such as coercion, reprisal, harassment or intimidation;

c. Alleged discrimination because of race, color, sex, age, religion, handicap, national origin, military reserve or veteran status, marital status, or any other non-merit factor; and

d. Improper or unfair administration of employee benefits or conditions of employment such as vacations, promotions, retirement, holidays, performance review, salary or seniority.

Managers are responsible for ensuring that the complaint is fully processed. Under no circumstances will an employee be penalized for using the Township's complaint procedure.


The complaint will be reviewed by Human Resources to determine whether a violation of a law, policy or practice may have occurred. If the evidence supports a probable violation, the complaint will be processed and investigated further. The complaint may be resolved informally or require you to provide additional information. The Township will investigate and take action based on the Township's Personnel Poilcy for filing a complaint. Click here to review the Township's policy on filing a complaint.

The Township considers all complaints important. The processing of the complaint will be conducted in as timely a manner as possible.

Filing a Complaint:
NOTE: The Township cannot guarantee anonymity. By law, all complaints received by the Township are subject to public disclosure once a case is closed. Therefore, if you wish to file a complaint anonymously, please do not include any personal information on the complaint form or any supplemental documents that reveal your identity. While the Township may accept an anonymous complaint, it will not proceed if it lacks sufficient information to support a violation.

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