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Employee Separation Center

Sorry to hear one of our employees will be leaving us. Please complete this section to process the separation paperwork and ensure that final pay is accurate.

Use the resources below to calculate the employee's last pay, and ensure that all materials are collected prior to separation.

Final Pay Calculator
Please use the following to guide to help you through the separation process:
Office keys have been collected
Township files have been returned
Alarm code cheat sheet collected
Township laptop has been returned
Township wireless card has been returned
Township vehicle keys have been returned
Employee cell phone has been returned
Other items returned
Employee needs to meet with HR upon separation
Details of Separation:
Your name:
Your department:
Today's date:
Employee's name:
Employee's division:
Employee's hours per week:
Separation date:
Final pay due:
Reason for separation:
Employment terminated
Job abandonment
Additional notes:
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