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Hanover Township
Request for Maruqee Message


Please note, that the Marquee can only display 3 short lines of text with 10 characters.  City ordinance requires the text to be stationary for 1 full minutes before continuing to the next screen.  Please be creative when designing a message to meet these requirements.  Use the form below to craft and submit your message request.

Beginning Date: Ending Date:

Text of Screen One:
Text of Screen Two
Text of Screen Three:
Text of Screen Four:

Image requests
If you are interested in adding additional images to the marquee message, please schedule an appointment with the Marquee Administrator by dialing extension 2297.

Submitting Requests
It may take 2-3 business days to process the request, so please email request in advance of when you need message displayed.  Messages will be displayed for a limit of 2 weeks, unless otherwise stated.

Questions/Comments/Special Requests
If you have additional comments, questions, or special requests, please contact extension 2297 at least 2-3 days prior to the announcement needing to be broadcast.

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