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Hanover Township
Tutition Assistance

Hanover Township is committed to increasing the development and continuing education of all employees. The Township may reimburse employees for professional development costs related to preparatory and continuing education courses related to licensure and other professional development opportunities. Requests must be approved by the immediate supervisor and the Department Head as well as be provided for in the budget, prior to registering for the classes or programs.

Use this form to apply and request reimbursement for the annual tuition assistance program. Please note that Human Resources will review this information and contact you for additional information as needed. This form should be submitted within 30 days of the new fiscal year, (March 1 or earlier).

Applying for Tuition Assistance
Please note, that employees must apply at the end term for future coursework and to track progress.
Employee Information
Employee Name:
Employee Department:
Employee Title:
Employee Manager:
Employee E-Mail:
Academic Institution Information
Institution Name:
Program Title:
Semester or Term:
Fee per credit hour:
Total Program Cost:
Tuition only
Course Level: Undergraduate Graduate
Course Information
First Class in Term
Course Title
Credit Hours
Req. Course:

Third Class in Term
Course Title
Credit Hours
Req. Course: Yes No
Second Class in Term
Course Title
Credit Hours
Req. Course: Yes No

Fourth Class in Term
Course Title
Credit Hours
Req. Course: Yes No
Release from Work Request
  Mon. Tues. Wed. Thurs. Fri. Sat. Total.
Hours/Day Away from Work.

Terms and Conditions
  • Submit this form within 30 days of the new fiscal year, (March 1 or earlier).
  • Notification will be sent to an employee's manager and the employee regarding the request for Tutition Assitance through the Township. Human Resources and your manager will review the application and authorize the employee to pursue a higher education degree based on the realtion of the course work to the employee's position, as well as the financial constraints of the Township funds.
  • Reimbursement is processed on an annual basis, (April 1 of each year). An employee must make an additional request no later than 30 days prior to the new fiscal year, (March 1 or earlier), to recieve full reimbursement.
  • The Township only reimburses for tuition. The Township will also contribute a maxium of $1,500.00 per fiscal year to an employees pursuit of a higher education.
  • By signing submitting this form, you as the employee understand that:
  • You are authorizing the release of your course records, work, grades, and other tuition-specific awards to the Human Resources of Hanover Township to determine eligibility for Tuition Assistance.
  • You understand that the amount of the tuition waiver is not taxed, and you are responsible for filing with your annual income tax statment through the IRS.
  • You understand that if you separate employment with the Township mid-year, you are not eligible to recieve any reimbursement for tuition assistance.
  • You understand that the amount of tuition benefits in excess of $5,250 in a calendar year is subject to taxation.
Professional Development
Professional Development courses, seminars, and training programs are covered by each individual department. Please contact your Manager for more information related to your specific terms and conditions related to requesting professional development through Hanover Township.
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